PAGB Inter-club Championship Plate Winners

July 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

Worksop Photographic Society, my local club have just returned from a fantastic day out at Warwick University where they came away with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) Inter-Club Championship Plate.  Before any club can enter the  PAGB Inter-Club Championships they have to win or come second in their regional federation inter club championships. The club can then go on to represent the federation at national level at Warwick.  Worksop have represented the North East Midlands eight times in the last nine years.   This year we were joined by our friends at Clay Cross Photographic Society.

Each time we have been to Warwick we have been beaten by the large clubs, but usually putting up a good fight to end up around 10th place. This time we decided on a different tactic.

The format of the day is all clubs, 37 this year, enter two rounds of images with just the top eight clubs going on to battle out for the honours for the ‘cup’.  These top eight are usually the big hitters, Wigan 10, Smethick, Beyond Group ….. the Premiership leaders in other words.  The clubs who don’t make the last eight then play off for a separate competition called ‘The Plate’. This competition is run using eight images, only four of which can be carried forward from the first round.

So, the scene is set…. In the very first round we played our second choice images and scored 80, a nice lowish score near the bottom of the range, followed by a second round score of 91. Much better and very close to the bottom end of the ‘top eight’. This gave us a safe seat in the Plate but allowed us to work out if any of the images we had already played were worth keeping for the Plate competition.  Two images scores 13 out of 15 and were therefore held over.  We swapped out all the images which scored 12 and under for our best images, choosing the ones we thought the three judges would score highest based on what we had seen in the earlier rounds.

We estimated that if we averaged 12 per image we might be in with a chance. This was an underestimate as we were later to find out.  The 8 images were presented to the judges and scored two 12’s, four 13’s and two 14’s. An average of 13 for a total of 104.  As the points were awarded we were concious that many clubs appeared to have scored lower with their replacement images, because of our strategy we increased our score.

As the club results were read out in catalogue order we waited for our score …. ‘Worksop 104’ … and waited as each club name was read, only three other clubs came over the 100 barrier and as the last few names and scores were read out we knew the Plate was ours.  The second place in the plate went with a score of 103, so it was closer than we originally estimated.

What a day, tension, tactics and some silverware to come home with. Perfect!  Well done Worksop!

Stuart Dobson has just sent me the scores, which are interesting reading:

Round 1 images:

  1. Break Away 11/15
  2. Geisha 9/15
  3. Bombing Range Donna Nook 10/15
  4. Watching 10/15
  5. The Speaker 11/15
  6. The Photographer 9/15
  7. Geyser Eruption 10/15
  8. C37 Flypast 10/15

Total 80 marks

Round 2 images:

  1. Winter’s Grip 11/15
  2. Wattled Plover Feeding 13/15
  3. Snipe Calling in Habitat 11/15
  4. The Young Ones 12/15
  5. Sea Pinks 9/15
  6. Gargoyle Gecko Escapes 11/15
  7. Winter Tree 11/15
  8. Castlerigg Dawn 13/15

Total 91 marks

We carried forward Wattled Plover Feeding and Castlerigg Dawn into the Plate competition.

Plate images:

  1. Wattled Plover Feeding 13/15
  2. Castlerigg Dawn 14/15
  3. Turpin & Co 12/15
  4. Bumped 13/15
  5. Macaque Young 14/15
  6. In the Grip of Winter 13/15
  7. Powering Through 13/15
  8. Herringfleet Mist 12/15

Total 104 marks


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§ 2 Responses to PAGB Inter-club Championship Plate Winners

  • Julia Tait says:

    That is a wonderful achievement and congratulations to all involved.

  • John Palmer says:

    Congratulations WDPS, special well done to our entries authors and members who did the mixing on the day.

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