Caerlaverock Castle

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Caerlaverock Castle

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For anyone who has never been to Dumfries and Galloway I have to say you are missing out on one of the most beautiful, unspoilt areas of Scotland. Instead of gunning the car straight up to Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands turn left once you cross the border from England. You won’t regret it.

There are castles galore, nature reserves, mountains, islands, beaches, cliffs, so many things to see and do. Best of all the area hasn’t been discovered by the masses yet. We stayed in Dumfries, but to get the best of Galloway then you probably need to be further ‘in’.

The shot you see here is Caerlaverock Castle, just on the Solway Firth, south of Dumfries. It is a moated castle, triangular in shape and in every way a classic medieval castle. This is an ‘HDR’ shot, with seven different exposures combined to provide a ‘best exposure’ for every pixel in the image. By having seven images each exposed differently the camera can capture detail in the dark areas as well as the lighter areas. Photoshop allows the various frames to be combined.

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