Based in South Yorkshire I have been a photographer for a number of year. I joined Worksop Photographic Society a few years ago and found a great group of people. They encouraged me to join the club and to take part in the club monthly competitions. Being a highly competitive person I soon found I needed to challenge the established photographers in the club, it drove me to learn and take things a little more seriously.

The club has a number of excellent photographers, true masters, which just serves to make me try harder. We compete against each other, and against other clubs both regionally and nationally and have represented the North East Midlands Photographic Federation in the Nationals 6 years out of the last seven.

Individually I compete in National and International exhibitions and am currently chasing 200 national acceptances and 150 international acceptances to gain BPE and FIAP awards.

In 2008 I purchased a franchise for Going Digital, and now run weekend photographic workshops and courses throughout the Yorkshire region. Feel free to take a look at the workshop details, and if you are not in Yorkshire then the talented tutors at Going Digital will have a workshop near you.

Thank you for visiting my showcase website, call back regularly, I will be keeping the web site upto date with new exhibition results and the galleries will contain all the new work produced for competition.

Keith Naylor DPAGB, BPE3*    visit me at Keith Naylor’s Photography Showcase



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