Golden Spurs – Belgium International

May 11, 2010 Comments Off on Golden Spurs – Belgium International

One more salon ticked off the list, this time in Belgium. A competition called ‘Golden Spurs’. With a name like that I can hardly not enter 🙂
I haven’t selected my best shots for this competition, I’m trying out a few new ones to see how they go. The main reason being that I’m now holding back the very best until I start to chase the EFIAP/bronze award next year. I have enough acceptances, awards etc except for one more salon. When I have this one salon then I will probably go dormant for a while until the EFIAP award is confirmed, then unpack all the goodies and chase the bronze full on.

So here’s my entry for Golden Spurs:

Open Section:
No Going Back
Station Master
The Wagoneer

Nature Section:
Atlantic Puffin
Garden Spider
Japanese Macaque
Red Squirrel (2)

Closing Date 22May
Results Notifications 8 June


Cotswold Salon of Monochrome Photography

May 11, 2010 Comments Off on Cotswold Salon of Monochrome Photography

Another set of images submitted to an British Photographic Exhibitions Salon (national), this time to the Costwold Salon of Monochrome Photography. I have recently been getting more into monochrome, and am enjoying trying to create a few more artistic black and whites. Lets see whether the judges agree with my selection.

Fountains Cottage in IR
No Going Back
Third Age of Man
Bridgewater Place

Station Master
The Wagoneer

Fountains Cottage in IR

May 11, 2010 Comments Off on Fountains Cottage in IR

Fountains Cottage in IR

Originally uploaded by Falc

During the spring, summer and autumn months I run photographic workshops for Going Digital, which limits the amount of time I have available to go out and take good competition images. This time however, I managed to combine the two and took a group of students out of Fountains Abbey to this little ivy covered cottage just outside the gates. We spent a good 45 minutes working out angles and the different compositions for this location. I think everyone came away with something useful.

Shooting in infrared has provided this image with a different feel, where all the green foliage has been captured as white. I just wish the sky had not been overcast and instead had been captured as black. I guess I will have more opportunities later this year.

Beyond Group BPE Salon

May 10, 2010 Comments Off on Beyond Group BPE Salon

Details, rules and entry form for the next British Photographic Exhibitions Salon – Beyond Group.
Closing date Saturday 24th July
Selection Day Saturday 14-15th August
Notification sent by 22nd August

Take a view – Landscape Photographer of the Year

May 10, 2010 Comments Off on Take a view – Landscape Photographer of the Year

Take a view – Landscape Photographer of the Year.

So can I live up to last years success, or even better it?  Landscape photographer of the year 2010 is just 66 days from closing entries. Two months of heart ache as I look for something to equal ‘Herringfleet Mist’.  This is going to be hard work.

3rd Salón Int. de Imagen Virtual Foto Club Quilmes – 2010 Bs.As. Argentina

May 10, 2010 Comments Off on 3rd Salón Int. de Imagen Virtual Foto Club Quilmes – 2010 Bs.As. Argentina

I’ve now gained all the acceptances, awards etc. I need at international level to qualify for the ‘Excellence’ Federation International de l’Art photographique (EFIAP) award. I just simply need to enter two more salons. However, there is currently confusion about the requirement in the UK with a possible delay in the processing of the award submissions until next January. This is a real pain, as it delays my onward chase for the next award of EFIAP/bronze.

Anyway, here is my entry for the 3rd SalĂłn Int. de Imagen Virtual Foto Club Quilmes in Buenes Aires, Argentina:

Herringfleet Mist
Rip Tide
Spurn Defences II
Station Master
No Going Back
Ghosts of Old Bodie
Young Japanese Macaque
Japanese Macaque
Japanese Macaque in Onsen
Group Snooze

Results due 16th June

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