Gosling and Daisies

May 28, 2010 Comments Off on Gosling and Daisies

Gosling and Daisies

Well, this appears to be getting a little attention so I might as well give it a run in some of the competitions. This very young Canada Goose Gosling was photographed by all my students on the recent Going Digital workshop at Nostell Priory in Yorkshire. We were looking at how to ensure the subject was isolated from the background using shallow depth of field, and how when photographing animals the camera needs to be at eye level. Placing the camera actually on the ground and using a ‘right-angled’ viewfinder allowed me to place the gosling against a backdrop of the lake, many meters from the subject.


New Going Digital Yorkshire Workshop Dates Announced

May 14, 2010 Comments Off on New Going Digital Yorkshire Workshop Dates Announced

All the dates for my going digital workshops in the Yorkshire region for the rest of the year have now been posted to the website.

Come along and learn some of the techniques I use to create my competition entries.  Book now whilst places are available.

Going Digital Workshop Full – 16th May

May 11, 2010 Comments Off on Going Digital Workshop Full – 16th May

16 May 2010 Nostell Priory, Yorks. ‘Get More From Your Compact Camera’ and ‘Explore Your Digital SLR Part 1’

Both workshops now full. Unfortunately, the room at Nostell Priory only holds a maximum of eight people and therefore fills up really quickly. I will be posting new dates and venues in the Yorkshire region shortly.

Fountains Cottage in IR

May 11, 2010 Comments Off on Fountains Cottage in IR

Fountains Cottage in IR

Originally uploaded by Falc

During the spring, summer and autumn months I run photographic workshops for Going Digital, which limits the amount of time I have available to go out and take good competition images. This time however, I managed to combine the two and took a group of students out of Fountains Abbey to this little ivy covered cottage just outside the gates. We spent a good 45 minutes working out angles and the different compositions for this location. I think everyone came away with something useful.

Shooting in infrared has provided this image with a different feel, where all the green foliage has been captured as white. I just wish the sky had not been overcast and instead had been captured as black. I guess I will have more opportunities later this year.

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